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I have been writing code for fun since I was 10 years old when I made a very basic text game in QBasic.

I'm currently enjoying all thing mobile as an Android Developer. I have a (mild) obsession with clean code.

When I'm not writing code I can be found playing my piano, at the gym or eating food (making up for the gym).

Android Apps

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Social Party

SocialParty is a social media aggregator which pulls in photos from Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. It uses the SDK/API of each social network to allow the user to log in with OAuth via the app.

  • View a combined feed of photos which their friends have posted
  • Like, Favourite or Heart posts from the app
  • Create 'Collections' of friends to group their posts into a custom feed
  • Take photos with your device and post directly to Facebook & Twitter
  • Share photos via an intent or save to your device for later

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Query Ask

QueryAsk is a questions and answers app for Android - similar to Yahoo Answers. It uses the backend to allow data to be shared across all users. Once you have created an account and logged in you can:

  • Post a question which you want to get answers for
  • See a list of the most recent questions asked by other users
  • Post answers to questions
  • Upvote and answer you think is good
  • Create a profile and upload a profile picture

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BlocNotes is the first ever Android App that I made. It is the introductory app that you build as part of the apprenticeship. It is a simple note taking app which uses a SQLite database to store the notes on the device and SharedPreferences are used to store some settings. Users can also set alarms to remind them about notes and this triggers a notification with an intent to reload the app with the note displayed.

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Web Projects

Team Handover System

php codeigniter mysql bootstrap jquery

Built for my colleagues at the Highways Agency. This project is built using CodeIgniter, PHP & MySQL for the back-end and Bootstrap & jQuery for the front-end. The system allows the tracking of tasks across different HR Teams. It allows tasks to be assigned locations, tags, staff and a current status.

If you wish to view the demo below the username is '' and the password is 'password'

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Highways Asset Map

javascript jquery google maps api

This is another project I built to assist my colleagues at Highways. It is built with javascript/jQuery and makes extensive use of the google maps api. It plots several different data-sets of asset information onto the map of England. It allows users to find a location from information given to them by the public relative to a known asset. This can then be passed to the relevant engineer/patrol to attend.

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Italian Verbs Conjugater

javascript jquery fusion table api php

I built this to aid me with my Italian studies. It allows you to quickly see the conjugation of a verb which you search for. The site is built mostly with javascript/jQuery. It uses the Google Fusion Table API to perform queries and pull back the verb data. There is a small PHP back-end which pulls audio from the Google TTS API so that you can hear the words read aloud.

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Structure Spinner

php mysql css jquery

This was the first full-stack project that I made. Although I'm still proud of the end product when I look back at the code it is a big mess! The site uses no PHP or CSS framework nor is there any sense of MVC code separation. I am quite fond of the way I made some of the text editable when you hover over it though. I split functionality off into a separate jQuery plugin - you can see the code here

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Lead Android Developer - Boppl (2015 - Present)

Resource Officer - Highways Agency (2008 - 2015)

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